What We’re About

I was raised in the comfort of lower-middle class America. Yeah, we were between poor and comfortable most of my life, but my parents were great about trying to keep me and my sister out of the financial stress. After all, we were kids. We couldn’t change anything about it, so why make us worry?

Still, we were expected to save our money if we wanted something, and once we were legally able to work, we did. I’ve had a job since I was 15. But even so, I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs in trying to figure out this whole “financial responsibility” thing. Which is why I’ve created this blog.

This isn’t just going to be about financial stuff, but also about other things that you have to know in order to survive in the real world. If you ever hope to move out of Mom’s basement and into a place of your very own, you’re going to need to know a little about what it takes to actually make it.

After all, times are hard enough right now. Add in all the crap that no one thinks to teach you in high school, and it gets even harder.


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